Bregenz, the Festival city

Welcome to the Bregenz Festival...

.. welcome to Lake Constance and the unique backdrop of the Bregenz “floating stage”. A real treat for all the senses, the Bregenz Festival is a magical cultural experience which never fails to inspire its many summer visitors.

The Bregenz Festival is not just a world class open-air cultural experience set in beautiful scenery. Unforgettable operatic premieres; fabulous concerts in the Festival Hall; avant-garde contemporary artistic performances on the „Werkstattbühne“ stage; pearls of classic opera in the Vorarlberg Regional Theatre: during the months of July and August the summer festival offers over eighty spectacular performances, attracting some 200,000 visitors to the borderland region between the Alps and Lake Constance.

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"Rigoletto" von Giuseppe Verdi

Briefly summarized

The court jester Rigoletto jokes about the licentious ways of his master the duke, whom he actively supports in his various conquests. His laughter incenses Monterone, whose daughter has been dishonoured by the duke, and it sticks in his throat when Monterone curses him. Without realising it, Rigoletto becomes an accomplice in the kidnapping of his own daughter Gilda, whom he protectively keeps confined to the house. She sees the duke's advances  as a chance to escape from her father's custody. Rigoletto engages a murderer to put an end once and for all to the duke's egotistical philandering. But when Rigoletto is about to throw the shrouded body into the water, he hears the duke singing his cynical credo "La donna è mobile" and fears for his daughter's life …


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