Cheese Route in the village of Egg, Bregenzerwald

The Cheese Route is a concept put together by the farmers, hoteliers, artisans and businesses of the Bregenzerwald, and therefore not a route in the usual sense of the word.

The aim of the participants and members of the Bregenzerwald Cheese Route is to retain and promote the area’s traditional small-scale businesses and local products.

In some 90 mountain almland farms and 70 valley dairies, traditional cheese is still made the way it has been for centuries. Nearly 100% of the organic milk from the Bergenzerwald is used in the making of local dairy products: tangy Bergkäse plus over 40 other types of traditional regional cheese, as well as butter and cream. One tasty item is the “Bregenzerwälder Alpkäse”, which is made exclusively by hand during the summer months, on the high alms above the treeline.

Participants in the “Cheese Route” scheme provide a glimpse into the life, history and traditions of the local “Wälders”, as well as supplying regional specialities and a selection of great presents. Many food shops and delicatessens also participate in the scheme, offering a wide selection of regional products bought directly from the local Bregenzerwald farmers.

Numerous artisans, museums, railways and village tourist offices are also members, giving visitors to the Cheese Route a real taste of the Bregenzerwald in every sense of the word!


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