Salem mountain ape colony

Please do feed! A trip to see the mountain apes at Salem

At Affenberg Salem nearly 200 Barbary macaques roam freely in a 20 ha forest. As you enter the park you can observe the monkeys living as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. A path guides you through the monkeys‘ home range in the middle of a beautiful forest. You can even feed the monkeys with gratis available popcorn. Be prepared to enter a different world of animal magic!

Guides are situated along the path to explain the monkeys‘ behaviour happening before your eyes. Why is this baby being carried by a male? What are the monkeys picking up from the ground? Where do they spend the winter? The guides have all the answers!

Affenberg Salem is great for close observations and offers incredible opportunities for photographers. The innovative concept is also highly appreciated by scientists as the park offers also great possibilities for behavioral studies. Many scientific publications and studies about Barbary macaques come from our park in Salem


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