Bregenz art gallery (KUB)

Bregenz art gallery (KUB) – one of Vorarlberg’s great works of art

Designed by the well-known Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the gallery has received numerous awards and is widely recognised as being one of the best examples of contemporary museum architecture anywhere. The museum building, designed to utilise a maximum amount of natural light, captivates through its impressive exterior and the uncompromising implementation of the internal layout.

Thanks to the sublimely aethestic use of materials and shape, the ground floor and the three storeys piled up above it blend together to form a balanced unit of high artistic potential. For the artists themselves, the architecture has the effect of giving a life-sized conceptual boost to the exhibited art, especially where an entirely new series is concerned. Thus the architecture itself forms an integral part of the international exhibition programme showcase.  


Seehotel Am Kaiserstrand
Am Kaiserstrand 1, 6911 Lochau
Vorarlberg / Austria
Tel.: +43 5574 58 111
Fax: +43 5574 58 244