Schattenburg museum Feldkirch

Feldkirch, with a population of approx. 30,000 inhabitants and Austria’s most westerly town, has a folklore museum housed in the internationally renowned Schattenburg castle.The name derives from the old word "schatte, schad", which meant something like “protection, umbrella”.

The Schattenburg castle was built about 750 years ago. Up until the year 1390 the family seat of the earls of Montfort-Feldkirch, from 1390 to 1773 the castle was the stronghold of the Habsburgers' local bailiffs.

It is thanks to the efforts of Feldkirch and District's Museum and Folklore Preservation Societyfounded in 1912, that the castle was saved and revived.
In the lower rooms the Schattenburg now houses a traditional castle inn, which is as well known as the newly renovated museum, which occupies the upper floors of the building.


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