Martin’s tower Bregenz

The symbol of the city.

Visitors to the exhibition in the Martin’s tower can gaze out of the gallery window and enjoy great panoramic views over Bregenz and its surroundings, including the upper town, the nearby Pfänder peak,  the mountains of Switzerland and, of course, Lake Constance.

The symbol of the city of Bregenz is totally unique.
Originally the spot was occupied by a storehouse dating back to the founding of the town around 1250, which hardly reached the top of the city wall. The storehouse consisted of a cellar, the ground floor above and an upper storey.

In the years between 1599 and 1601 the architect Benedetto Prato from Roveredo (in the Swiss canton of Grisons) extended the height of the existing building on the instigation of the town authorities. The former storehouse was thus converted into a tower, which Prato topped with an enormous wooden dome. With this dome the Martin’s tower became the very first building in the Lake Constance area to incorporate characteristics of the Baroque style.
The Martin’s tower played an important role as Bregenz’s first early warning system. The watchman in the tower carried out his protective duties there for many centuries, warning the city of any imminent danger, especially from fire.


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