The emperor visits the Strand Palace Hotel....

1905 Georg Hauber Freiherrn von Pöllnitz-Frankenstein acquires the Maihof estate by purchasing the guest house „Zum Anker“, previously owned by Fam. Hutter, with the intention of establishing a spa | 1910 The house undergoes refurbishment and opens as a hotel | 1912 Architect Willi Braun extends the hotel | 1917 Emperor Karl I visits, together with his wife Zita, resulting in the name being changed to Strand Palace Hotel | 1917 Hauber falls into bankruptcy | 1918 The hotel reopens under the sponsorship of Herr Homann | 1919 Strand Spa Hotel Lochau under the sponsorship of Dr. Kinz | 1938 Emergency accommodation for refugees from the  Sudetenland | 1939 Purchased by the German Customs Authority | 1940 Rebuilt as a national revenue and customs training school | 1942-45 Reserve barracks for the German army | 1945-54 French occupying troops | 1954-1998 Military barracks | 2005 Sale to projektart Feldkirch | 2010 Opening of the lakeside hotel “Am Kaiserstrand“

Enjoy a relaxing evening with the best sunset on our bathing house... every monday evening...


Seehotel Am Kaiserstrand
Am Kaiserstrand 1, 6911 Lochau
Vorarlberg / Austria
Tel.: +43 5574 58 111
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