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A unique location

As a showpiece of Vorarlberg wooden architecture applies the Bathing house, which was built directly into Lake Constance.

A 42m long wooden walkway leads on Lake Constance shore out to the bathing house, which consists exclusively of local silver fir and rests on sturdy pilings and concrete floor slabs. The façade surfaces can be fully opened for a spectacular panoramic view.

The highlights of the bathing house:

  • Was built in 2010
  • Has a 42m long bridge
  • Consists of "Vorarlberger" wood
  • Stands on 30 reinforced concrete round rests
  • The restaurant area is completely glazed and can be used throughout the year
  • A breathtaking sun deck with 360 ° degree all-round view
  • With environmentally conscious energy concept

Bathing house

bathing house

Seehotel Am Kaiserstrand
Am Kaiserstrand 1, 6911 Lochau
Vorarlberg / Austria
Tel.: +43 5574 58 111
Fax: +43 5574 58 244